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Creative Pixelz's prides itself in catering to the unique needs of every client. We do not have a fixed list of services because we do not want to limit our clients. Our preference would be for you to ignore the list below. However, for the unimaginative, we have a brief list of general services below that may interest you

Custom Website Design
Web Site DesignWhether you need a small personal web site, e-commerce site or a big corporate portal, Creative Pixelz will provide you with an innovative web 3.0 solutions click here...
Web & Email Marketing
Web Site DesignWe can help you improve your business and direct more traffic to your web site with our custom web based marketing campaigns.
click here...
Web Site DesignCreative Pixelz can help you develop the perfect on-line store. We are veterans in helping businesses grow and expand using ecommerce. click here...
Nightlife Web Services
Web Site DesignCreative Pixelz has vast experience in the Nightlife Promotion and Venue Industry providing creative, affordable web design. click here...
Print Design
Web Site DesignCreative Pixelz specializes in desining solutions which creatively integrate all aspects of visual communication to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.click here...
Ebay Design
Web Site DesignCreative Pixelz can help you create an eBay shopping experience that is more functional and more memorable for your shoppers. click here...